2DA Week 1 (Mar 23-27)

Tuesday, March 24:
1. Animaker Assignment 1 – Due: Mon, April 6.
2. Go to www.animaker.com and click on “Create your first video” to create an Animaker account using your Gmail address.
3. Once you have a Animaker account set up, open a separate browser tab/window on your browser and watch the Animaker Tutorial Video found here .
4. You will be watching this tutorial video and creating the same animation you see in the video. If some features in Animaker don’t work for you, that is ok! It is because we are using a free version. Use your creativity to create the animation as best as you can!
5. Once you are done creating the animation, click the Share button in the top right corner in Animaker to email me the link to your finished animation video. I only need to be able to view the animation to mark it. Have fun creating!

If you have any questions about the assignment, you can either email me at sfroese@sbdhs.net or text me using Remind app.

Thurs, Mar 26:
1. Continue working on the Animaker Tutorial (Due Mon, Apr 6) Get it done before Spring Break so you don’t have to do it during Spring Break!