Digital Film Making 25S

Note: I will be updating this site DAILY with information such as notes packages, google form links, kahoot links for assessment, and ZOOM video conference times. I will do everything possible to ensure the continuity of learning in Digital Film Making 25S.

In preparation for remote learning:
1. Download the Zoom app and create an account using your Gmail address.
2. Make arrangements with your parents to have one hour of computer access per day dedicated to Digital Film Making remote learning.

Course Information:

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You should schedule your DFM remote learning from 2:05-3:15 pm
(Period 5) every SECOND day starting on Tuesday, March 24. Look at the calendar below if you are not sure when to plan your remote learning period.

April 14-16:
1. Work on Symbolism Analysis
2. We are working on missing assignments this week.

April 21:
1. Since I am missing many Symbolism Analysis papers from the class, I will give you until Tuesday, April 21 to hand it in. The info for the Symbolism Analysis is on the Film Study Project document.

April 23 (Thurs):
1. I will be pushing the deadlines for Screen Convention Analysis, Scene Reactions and Film Critique and Analysis Essay back by another week.
Screen Convention Analysis is due: Wed, April 29
Screen Reactions is due: Thurs, May 7
Film Critique and Analysis is due: Wed, May 13
2. In preparation for your Screen Convention, you will need to choose 5 screen conventions. Screen conventions are: camera angles, camera shots, sound/music. You only need to pick 5 screen conventions in total. You might decide to pick 2 camera angles, 1 camera shot and 2 types of sound/music for your chosen film you are watching. That is perfectly fine!
3. To understand better what Screen conventions are, please read this Powerpoint on Shots, Angles and Sounds. Some of this will be familiar to you, some of it won’t. Please read ALL of it!
4. When you are gathering the Screen conventions while you are watching your movie, you may find this handout useful for keeping track of your Screen Conventions.

April 28:
1. Reminder: Screen Conventions are due tomorrow, April 29.
2. You will be working on your Screen Reactions. They are due Thursday, May 7.
3. In preparation of the Screen Reactions, make sure you read the notes on Emotional Suturing. I have uploaded them to the Google Pickup Drive.

April 29:
1. Go to Teams app in with your new Office username and password that I emailed you. I have put the Screen Reactions assignment and the Film Critique into Assignments in the Teams app so that you can submit your assignment there.
2. Starting next Monday, I will be putting all Assignments on Teams and NOT on my website. Starting next Monday, I will also remove my Assignment Handin Link on this website.

Assignment Calendar: