CSC30S Week 2 (Apr 6-9)

Monday, April 6:
1. Many of you have not handed in your Functions Assessment 2. Please hand this in as soon as possible!
2. Today we start a new unit…Arrays!
3. Watch the following 4 videos on Arrays which will take a total of 30 minutes. While you watch the videos, have a Processing window open and type in the code as you watch the videos. This is the BEST way to learn coding!
   a) Arrays
   b) Creating Arrays, Part 1
   c) Creating Arrays, Part 2
   d) Creating Arrays, Part 3

Tuesday, April 7 – Thursday, April 9:
1. For the rest of this week, you will be reading and coding through the Array Basics Unit from the Learn to Program Textbook. So what that means is that as you read, have a Processing window open for coding alongside as you read. When you see a black box of code illustrated in the textbook, I would like you to write it into Processing and see how it runs.
a. Work through the examples in the black boxes in this unit. No need to hand the examples in.
b. Work through the Check Your Understanding: Exercise 1 and hand it in.
2. The Learn to Program Textbook and Notes are available in the Course Information near the top of this page.
3. These are the sections from the textbook that you will study for the rest of this week:
Unit 16 Array Basics, page 295
16.1 – Introduction, page 296
16.2 – What is an array, page 298
16.3 – Creating Arrays. page 300
16.4 – Using Arrays, page 301
16.5 – Example: first arrays, page 302
16.6 – Iterating Through Arrays, page 304
16.7 – Example: random points, page 304
16.8 – Example: mouse explosion, page 306
16.9 – Array length, page 308
16.10 – Example: make it rain!!!, page 309
16.11 – Array Initialization with Literals, page 311
16.12 – Check Your Understanding: Exercises, page 313