CSC30S Week 1 (Mar 23-27)

Monday, March 23:
1. Review the Notes on Functions which is located in the Google Pick up Drive.
2. Do Functions assessment (Due Wed Mar 25)
3. Upload and submit your Processing assignment file to me using the Hand in Assignments link above.
4. If you have any questions, you can either email me at or text me using Remind app. If your code doesn’t work, email/attach the file to me so I can see what the problem is. Ask for help right away and don’t wait too long since I don’t want you getting too frustrated after spending many hours trying to figure out why your code won’t work.

Tuesday, March 24:
1. Please continue working on the Functions assessment. (Due Wed Mar 25)

Wednesday, March 25:
1. Please hand in your Functions Assessment by 2:00 pm TODAY!
2. Download this Functions Example to help with your Functions Assessment.

Thursday, March 26:
1. Work on Functions Assessment 2 (Due tomorrow Fri, Mar 26 at 8:00 pm)
2. Check your email. Ms Froese sent you your marked Functions assessment.
3. Functions assessment video is available. Please watch below.