Computer Science 30S

Note: I will be updating this site DAILY with information such as notes packages, google form links, kahoot links for assessment, and ZOOM video conference times. I will do everything possible to ensure the continuity of learning in Computer Science 30S.

In preparation for remote learning:
1. Download the Zoom app and create an account using your Gmail address.

2. Download and install Processing on a computer you will be able to use for remote learning. (You can find Processing at this site:
3. Make arrangements with your parents to have one hour of computer access per day dedicated to Computer Science 30S remote learning.

Course Information:

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You should schedule your Computer Science 30S remote learning from 8:30-9:40 am (Period 1) every day starting on Monday, March 23

April 14-16:
1. We are working on missing assignments this week.

April 20: (Due Tues April 21, 3:00 pm)
1. Review pages 298-311 from the Learn to Program Textbook where you learned about arrays during Week 2, April 7-9.
2. Please download the 3 files in the folder “April 20 – Arrays” from the Google Pickup Drive.
3. You will be doing a worksheet called “Array Declare Worksheet.pdf”. You may write your answers in a Google Docs file or a Word Document.
4. You will also be adding code to a Stars program. Make sure you download the png image file so you can see what the output of the Stars program will look like.
5. Submit your Worksheet answers and the completed stars program using the Google Handin Assignment link.

April 23: (Due Friday Apr 24, 3:00 pm)
1. Please download the 4 files in the folder “April 23 – Arrays 2” from the Google Pickup Drive.
2. You will be adding code to a Pacman program. Download the Pacmen picture to see what the output of the Pacmans program will look like.
3. You will be adding code to a Snake program. Download the Snake picture to see what the output looks like.
4. Submit your completed Pacmans and Snake assignment using the Google Handin Assignment link.

April 27: (Due Wed, April 29, 3:00 pm)
1. Today you will create a Shapes program by creating your own 2 arrays of squares and circles.
2. You will draw 10 squares in the drawing window. These will be randomly placed in the drawing window.
3. You will then draw 10 circles in the drawing window (also randomly placed).
4. Submit your completed Shapes assignment using the Google Handin Assignment link.
5. Here is a sample drawing window of what I am looking for:

April 29: (Due Fri, May 1, 11:59 pm)
1. Go to Teams app in with your new Office username and password that I emailed you and open the assignment in the Assignments tab. You can hand in your work in Teams if you like.
2. If you are not able to go to the assignment in the Teams app, I have posted the assignment here on my website as well. Starting next week, I will be putting all Assignments on Teams and NOT on my website. Starting next week, I will also remove my Assignment Handin Link.
3. To access today’s assignment on my website: Go to the April 29 – Bouncing Balls Assignment folder

May 4: (Due Fri, May 8, 11:59 pm)
1. Open the document called Transform Videos and Assignment
2. Watch the videos on Transform and Using Transform.
3. You may want to watch the videos on Color so you can learn about the difference between HSB and RGB color modes.
4. Do the animation assignment which is on the last page of the above document. You have until the end of the week to complete it.
5. Upload your finished assignment by going to the Animation Assignment in Teams. (Do NOT use the Assignment Handin Link!)

Assignment Calendar: