2DA Week 2 (Apr 6-10)

Monday, April 6:
1. Go to the Animaker Tutorials page and do the following 4 Tutorials:
   a. How to use Action+
   b. How to use Smart Move (Note: Don’t use Santa, use a different picture instead.)
   c. How to use Voiceover (Note: Use the Text to Speech option instead of Recording Voice)
   d. How to use Camera
2. Next, create your own animation video that uses all 4 things you learned in the above four tutorials. Share the link to your video with me to hand it in.
This video is DUE on Wed, April 8 at 8:00 pm. I will give you Wednesday’s online class time to work on it.

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2DA Week 1 (Mar 23-27)


Tuesday, March 24:1. Animaker Assignment 1 – Due: Mon, April 6.2. Go to www.animaker.com and click on “Create your first video” to create an Animaker account using your Gmail address.3. Once you have a Animaker account set up, open a separate browser tab/window on your … Continue reading

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