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Note: I will be updating this site DAILY with information such as notes packages, google form links, kahoot links for assessment, and ZOOM video conference times. I will do everything possible to ensure the continuity of learning in the new combined AC1 and AC2.

In preparation for remote learning:
1. Download the Zoom app and create an account using your Gmail address.
2. Make arrangements with your parents to have one hour of computer access per day dedicated to AC1 / AC2 remote learning.

Course Information:

AC1 / AC2 Lesson Archives:


You should schedule your AC1 / AC2 remote learning from 9:40-10:50 am
(Period 2) every day starting on Monday, March 23

April 14-16:
1. We are working on missing assignments this week.

April 20: (Due Tues, Apr 21 at 4:00 pm)
1. We will be working with Google Docs some more today.
2. Look at the Baseball and Hair assignment found at the Google Pickup Drive
Here is a link to today’s folder: Apr 20 – Google Docs Baseball and Hair,
3. Create the 2 Google Docs and make them look as much as you can to the screenshots in the assignment.
4. Submit 2 Google Docs to the Assignment Handin Link (see above)

April 23: (Due Fri, Apr 24 at 4:00 pm)
1. Today we will be creating a table with rows and columns in 2 Google Docs
2. Open the instructions for the October and Sponsor assignment. Here is a link to today’s folder: Apr 23 – Google Docs October and Sponsor Instructions

April 27: (Due Fri, May 1 at 4:00 pm)
1. For this week we will be working on a Google Docs Project to create a Restaurant Menu. Make it your own restaurant and food! Be creative! You can find pictures of food to put on the menu using a Google search.
2. The things I am looking for you to put on the menu are here: Apr 27 – Google Docs Restaurant Menu Project

April 29:
1. Go to Teams app in with your new Office username and password that I emailed you. As an option, I have put the Restaurant Menu project into Assignments in the Teams app so that you can hand it in there.
2. Starting next Monday, I will be putting all Assignments on Teams and NOT on my website. Starting next Monday, I will also remove my Assignment Handin Link on this website.

May 4: (Due: Tues, May 5 at 4:00 pm)
1. Today we will be starting to learn about Scratch! Yay! Scratch is a website where we can learn about coding in a fun and interactive way.
2. Go to this website to join my class in Scratch and to create your own username (eg. sfroese) and password:
3. Open the document called Lesson 1_Movement
4. Once you are logged in, start a new Scratch program by clicking on the Create button of the Scratch website.
5. You will follow the Lesson 1_Movement step by step and create your own Scratch program. Save this 1st Scratch program and I will be able to see it in my Scratch class website.

Assignment Calendar: