2D Animation 35S

Note: I will be updating this site DAILY with information such as notes packages, google form links, kahoot links for assessment, and ZOOM video conference times. I will do everything possible to ensure the continuity of learning in 2D Animation 35S. We will not be using Adobe Animate for remote learning, but instead web-based animation tools.

In preparation for remote learning:
1. Download the Zoom app and create an account using your Gmail address.
2. Make arrangements with your parents to have one hour of computer access per day dedicated to 2D Animation remote learning.

Course Information:

Lesson Archives:


You should schedule your 2D Animation remote learning from 12:55-2:05 pm (Period 4) every SECOND day starting on Tuesday, March 24. Look at the schedule below if you are not sure when to plan your remote learning period.

April 14-16:
1. We are working on missing assignments this week.

April 20-24:
1. We will be working on using a 3D free software called Blender for the next few weeks. Please download Blender 2.82a from here: www.blender.org/download
2. Install Blender on to your computer.
3. For this week, I would like you to watch and work through tutorials #1-10 on Blender.
The tutorials are found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa1F2ddGya_-UvuAqHAksYnB0qL9yWDO6
4. If you have any questions or difficulties in installing or with the tutorials, please email me.

April 27 (Due Fri, May 1)
1. We will be doing a Animated Children’s Storybook using Animaker. For each page in your children’s book, you will use a scene.
2. Here are the requirements:
– Minimum 10 scenes
– 3 to 4 sentences on each page or scene.
– Correct Grammar and Spelling
– Minimum 2 “Action+” animations
– Minimum 2 Voiceovers using Text-to-Speech
– Minimum 1 Dynamic Camera usage

Note: if you forget how to do Action+, Voiceovers and Dynamic Camera usage, you can review the 4 tutorials that you did Apr 6-10: https://www.animaker.com/tutorials

April 29:
1. Go to the Teams app in www.office.com with your new Office username and password that I emailed you. As an option, I have put the Animated Children’s Book into Assignments in the Teams app so you can hand in your animation link to me there.
2. Starting next Monday, I will be putting all Assignments on Teams and NOT on my website. Starting next Monday, I will also remove my Assignment Handin Link on this website.

Assignment Calendar: